History of Western Civilization

Mrs. Cipolletta—room 237
Office Hours:
3rd Period, 6th Period, 9th Period.
Office Phone: 847-692-8458
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Course Description:
This course will explore traditional civilizations in Africa, the Middle East, India, East
Asia and Latin America. In exploring these areas, we will also examine the impact of
European colonialism, the formation of independent states, and the contemporary issues
that confront these regions. Throughout this course, geography and historical writing
will be strongly emphasized.
Semester I
Semester II
Early Civilizations
Age of Empires
European Contact
Modern History
Grades will be based on your performance on tests, quizzes, homework, projects and class
participation. Grades will be computed on a running point basis until the semester final exam.
Homework will comprise approximately 20% of your overall grade, class participation will
comprise 20% of your grade and the remaining 60% will be a combination of tests, quizzes, inclass work and participation. The grading scale is as follows:
89.5-100% = A
79.5-89.4% = B
69.5-79.4% = C
59.5-69.4 = D
59.4 and below = F
Absences and late work:
It is very important to attend all classes on a regular basis. If you are absent and it is excused,
you are responsible for obtaining all make up work found on the shelf at the front of the
classroom. Work must be made up prior to the end of the unit; however, all late work will
receive reduced credit. Class notes are YOUR responsibility to obtain from a classmate.
If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, you must turn it in immediately upon
returning to class. If your absence is excused, there will be no late penalty. If your absence is
unexcused, you will receive half credit on the assignment.
The purpose of tests and quizzes is to see if you have learned what we have covered. I use tests
to determine if you understand the material. If you receive anything below a C on an
assessment, you are required to take a make-up test. Before you can do that, you will need to
meet with me to discuss the material and determine what you did not understand.
Required materials:
For this class you will need the following:
 Text book—(World History-not issued to you, but used in class)
 Spiral notebook AND pocket folder
 Pens/Pencils (use black or blue ink only)
 Assignment Notebook
R Code: Respectful, Responsible, Ready
Respectful- Demonstrate respect for yourself by being prepared, for others by being considerate and
for the teacher by being attentive.
 Respect those around you. Do not talk while the teacher, fellow students or guests are
 This class is considered a NO PHONE ZONE. Please make sure your phone is turned
off and put away.
Responsible- Participation is a must! Be involved with the lessons and ask questions, express ideas
and enjoy all that history has to offer.
 All school policies apply, including dress code.
 We are a team and will work as a team to achieve academic and personal success.
 Please check your grades on a regular basis as I will work on getting grades posted on a
regular basis.
Be on time for class – this means through the door before the bell rings. Tardiness will
not be tolerated. You are responsible for getting yourself to class on time. If you are
late to class, you will be marked tardy.
Be ready to work! This means having all your materials on your desk and ready to
Academic Dishonesty:
Students are expected to complete all tests and assignments honestly and will not collaboration in
dishonest actions. Students will not give or accept answers or assignments unless directed to by the
teacher. Students caught cheating or plagiarizing will be subject to discipline as stated in the Student
Handbook, p. 37.