Policies and Procedures - Mosinee School District

Pre-Algebra Classroom Policies and Procedures
Course: Pre-Algebra
Teacher: Mrs. Nicole Melander Room Number: 181
Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Masters of Science in Education, Concordia University of Wisconsin Mequon
*Email: nmelander@mosineeschools.org (This is the best way to reach me.)
Phone Number: (715)693-3660 x2181
Textbook Resource: http://phschool.com
Web Code: ask-0099
Course Goals:
 Students will have a great appreciation for working with mathematics and how to
use it in real life situations.
 Students will be able to recognize and understand mathematical language and
 Students will understand that math connects to other core subject areas and to
everyday life situations on a daily basis.
Materials: Being prepared is expected. Please bring your assignment, planner (required),
textbook, working notebook, notes notebook (composition is preferred),
folder/binder, calculator, and 2 pencils daily (work must be completed in pencil
only), along with a pencil case containing highlighters, colored pencils, a ruler, scissors,
glue, a protractor, and a compass. There will be multiple supply checks that will count
toward your grade in this class.
Grading Procedures:
Math is mastered through participation and practice (this is why attendance is critical).
 Daily assignments:
2 points
Graded based on completion and effort only.
* 2 points = completed with work
* 1 point= partially completed or no work
* 0 points = not completed/very little completed
 Review assignments:
5 points
* May be graded based on completion/effort or by accuracy.
 Written assignments/quizzes: 10 points
 Performance Tasks:
10 points
 Tests:
100 points
 Projects:
Point values vary – see project description sheets
the Week” worth between 1 and 3 extra credit points each week depending on the level of difficulty.
Grading Scale: 90-100%
A- to A
B- to B+
C- to C+
D- to D+
**Grades are updated in Skyward almost daily, with some exceptions for tests, quizzes,
and projects. **Please do not wait until class time for major questions!
Retake Policy: This is determined by the teacher on an individual basis. In general, test grades are
final. Since quizzes are also part of the learning process, your child should correct
the quiz by redoing the problems he or she got incorrect and turn it in by the
assigned date. The two scores will then be averaged to decide final points. (This is
optional, but also very helpful.) Tests typically can not be corrected for credit, and should be
prepared for with review. Notes may be used on tests and quizzes.
Behavior: The following STARR behavior is expected in our classroom:
 Show respect
 Give your best effort
 Practice self discipline
 Bring ALL materials to class
 Be on time
 Respectful treatment of school property
If these expectations are not met, there will be consequences, including a STARR
Warning Slip, a phone call home, removal from my classroom, a detention, or ALAC.
Please note: Students may forfeit their right to attend activities like field trips,
guest speakers, movies, etc. because of excessive STARR Warning slips or long
forms, classroom misbehavior or consistent lack of effort on homework, abuse of
school property, irregular school attendance, ALAC time and/or failure to comply
with school rules.
Absences: If you are absent from school (and your absence has been excused by the office),
you will be allowed the number of days that you were absent plus one day to make up
any missed assignments. Any assignments that are not turned in within that timeframe
will become a 0. Project dates will not be extended! It is your responsibility to find
out what you have missed – please check the assignment board as soon as you
Be responsible for yourself, your grade, and your actions. Effort equals success. Complete your
homework every day, study for tests (keeping old homework assignments and looking through your
notes is a great way to do this), and get extra help if you need it!
I am looking forward to a great school year. Please remember that I am almost always available
before and after school, and am willing to work with you so that you will be successful in this class.
Each and every one of you has some math strength. Together we will build on that strength and
work on strengthening any other areas of weakness. In my class, effort will always equal success! 