Syllabus Quiz - Bridgewater College

Syllabus Quiz
1. Late homework will be accepted
a. When the student has an excused absence.
b. Only twice a semester per student.
c. Never.
d. Within 24 hours of missing class.
2. Homework is, in general, graded out of
a. 10 points.
b. 100 points.
c. 5 points.
d. Depends on the assignment.
3. We will have
a. 2 tests and a final exam.
b. 3 tests and a final exam.
c. 4 tests and a final exam.
d. A midterm and a final exam.
4. Makeup quizzes will be given
a. As long as the absence is for a college sporting event.
b. As long as arrangements have been made in some manner in advance
of missing class.
c. Never.
d. Only twice a semester.
5. You will be permitted entry to class after class has begun
a. Only if your last teacher let you out of class late.
b. Never (Ok… test day is the ONLY exception).
c. If you have a written excuse.
d. If the class is at 8 am.
6. In general, homework is
a. Collected each week.
b. Submitted as a group.
c. Graded based on how many problems you get correct.
d. All of the above.
7. In general, quizzes will
a. Be calculator free.
b. Cover whatever material was covered on the homework due that day.
c. Worth 10% of your final grade.
d. All of the above.
8. If you are absent on the day homework is due
a. You may submit the homework before the next class period.
b. You may submit the homework the next class period as long as your
absence was excused.
c. You must submit the homework the class period before you miss
d. You must still turn in your homework by class time by slipping under
the professor’s door, sending it to class with a friend, electronically or
in any other way.
9. During an exam
a. You may ask the professor any question you like, but unless there is a
typo the answer will be “no comment”.
b. Sighting of a cell phone by the professor will result in a zero on the
c. If you do not show up without a PREarranged plan approved by the
professor you will get a zero on the exam.
d. All of the above.
10.With regard to homework:
a. You are encouraged to work with others.
b. You should check your answers in the back of the book to be sure you
are doing the problems correctly.
c. Your 2 lowest homework assignments will be dropped.
d. All of the above.