Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations and Procedures
Algebra I – Mrs. Spivey
Mrs. Spivey, B.S. in Mathematics, Texas State University
Rockwall High School – (972) 771-7339
E-mail: [email protected]
The purpose of this class is to teach you the algebra skills necessary to be successful in future
math courses as well as on your state mandated testing.
Classroom Expectations:
 Be Prepared
 Be Respectful
You will need the following items EVERY day.
 Pencils and erasers
 Red Pen
 Either Spiral & Folder or Binder & Notebook Paper
I ask that each student bring the following items for general classroom use.
 Kleenex
 Package of pencils
 1st, 2nd, 3rd Periods: Expo Markers
 4th, 5th, 6th Periods: Package of Graph Paper
Grading Policy:
Averages will be calculated as follows: 30% Formative Assessments and 70% Summative Assessments.
Formative Assessments will be given and taken up daily. Most assignments will be graded in class. All
work must be shown on all classwork, homework, quizzes, and tests to receive credit. PENCILS ARE TO
Summative Assessments will be given periodically to check for understanding. These quizzes/ tests
will consist of problems similar to the recent assignments and will be timed. When the time is up for the
quiz/ test, all quizzes/ tests will be turned in. The intent of a quiz/ test is to find out what you know, not
what you can eventually figure out. All tests and quizzes are cumulative.
Tutoring is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00-8:40 (afternoons by appointment
only) in Room 2412.
Academic Honesty:
I have realistically high expectations for academic honesty, academic effort, behavior, and attitude.
 Students are encouraged to collaborate on homework assignments, but they may not simply
copy another’s assignment. Students may not misrepresent someone else’s work as their own.
 Student’s may not look on another’s paper during a test or quiz
 Students may not have or use unauthorized materials during a test or quiz
Late Grade Work (as it applies to algebra class):
Students may turn in ONE late assignment per six week grading period (within 3 days of the original due
date) for a maximum grade of 50.
Failing Grade Work (as it applies to algebra class):
If a student does not attempt an assignment, he/she will have no further opportunity to complete it for
credit. When a student earns a failing grade on an attempted assignment (tests and daily work) he/she
may redo for a maximum grade of 70.
 In order to redo a failed assignment, the student must request from the teacher and
complete the requirements within five school days of receipt of the original grade.
 All redo assignments must be completed in the teacher’s classroom during tutorials
 The teacher will specify the time frame/due date for the retake assignment.
 The student will have only one opportunity to complete the retake assignment.
Make-up Work for Unscheduled Absences: When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to
obtain make-up work and/or make an appointment to take make-up tests.
 A student absent for any reason must make up missed assignments.
 Students are given one class day for every class day they were absent to make up work.
 The teacher may require a tutoring session or additional independent study before he/she
provides a make-up assignment.
 The teacher may substitute an alternate assignment/test.
 If a student is absent on the day that an assignment, project, or long-term assignment is due, then
the assignment must be turned in the day the student returns to class.
 Tests are to be made up within five school days following the absence and within the parameters
of the teacher’s tutoring schedule.
 A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted by the teacher will
receive a zero for the assignment.
Field Trips and Scheduled Absences: It is the student’s responsibility to request assignments prior
to field trip absences. Make-up work for excused absences for extra-curricular activities should be
completed and submitted or pre-scheduled with the teacher in advance of the trip.
BE ON TIME TO CLASS! Each tardy will be recorded and cleared at the semester’s end. Excessive
tardies will be dealt with per the student code of conduct (i.e. detentions, office referrals, etc).
Please Note:
All RHS and district policies will be followed and enforced in this classroom. These include but are not
limited to: dress code, discipline procedures, food and drink, grading, etc.
I want your child to be successful in math and learn to enjoy it. I will do my best to make sure
this happens. I hope you will support me in the above matters. Should you have any questions about the
information given to you above or about your child’s progress in my class, please contact me. I look
forward to a great year with your child.
Mrs. Spivey
Algebra Teacher
(972) 771-7339
[email protected]