algebra ii - Fertile


Course: Algebra II

Instructor: Maggie Maroney

Room: 215

School Phone: 945-6953 (ext. 215)

Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily or by appointment

E-mail: [email protected]

Text: Algebra I

McDougal Littell (2001)


Course Description:

Algebra II is a course that teaches the student to communicate mathematically using symbols and graphs. It then applies the skills to problem solving.

Properties of real numbers, solving and graphing linear equations, working with polynomials, solving and graphing quadratic equations, probability, inequalities, and functions are some of the main topics in Algebra II.

Student Responsibility:

Students will

Take notes on each section of each chapter

Do assignments in pencil with work shown



Do assignments on time (extremely important)

Be prepared for quizzes and tests

Seek help when necessary

Bring materials to class—pencil, pen for correcting, textbook, notebook, homework assignment, folder for handouts, calculator if you have one.


Quizzes will be given periodically—about once a week. There will be a test at the end of each chapter. Homework grades will comprise 30% of the quarter grade; quizzes and tests will comprise 70% of the quarter grade.

Extra Credit:

Extra credit problems may appear on certain assessments or periodically throughout the year. There will not be a large amount of extra credit opportunities because students are encouraged to be working hard on all assignments without the need for extra point opportunities.

Classroom rules:








: Be on time to class and when turning in homework.


: Bring all necessary materials and work to class daily (calculator, pencils, pen, notebooks, and textbook). Assignments must be done in pencil. Correcting will be done in pen.


: Maximize learning time, stay on task, follow directions, do your work!


Be nice or neutral to everyone. Swearing, teasing, talking back, and bullying will

NOT be tolerated.

Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, your classroom, and your school.

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


Wait respectively and noncompliant for your turn


Listen when others are talking

Copying homework and cheating during quizzes and tests are serious offenses and will result in a zero on the assignment.

Noon detention (or longer depending on offense) will be given for inappropriate behavior if a student does not comply with class rules. I will not take into consideration whether or not you have a game, dance, or practice scheduled.

Class procedure:

Students should be seated when the bell rings. While waiting for class to begin, students begin working on any warm up problems on the board. Homework should be out and ready to go through. Pencils should be sharpened prior to class starting. Attentive behavior and class participation are expected. Students should take notes throughout lectures. If a student has questions about a homework assignment, he/she should try to come in before or after school to ask questions if possible. I am available to help and answer questions before and after school as well as during study halls/prep hours. Please do not hesitate to ask!


It is important for students to be in all their classes, but it is especially true in a math class. Math topics build from day to day; absences result in gaps in the learning process.

Several gaps can be very detrimental to understanding. It is impossible to totally “make-up” an absence. When a student is absent, he/she should check the assignment board and obtain any

handouts from the Algebra slot in the metal cabinet on the counter. Any homework collected on the day the student was absent should be turned in when the student returns. In the event that several days were missed, all work should be turned in as soon as possible (preferably no longer than one day for each day absent.) A student who has been absent should get notes/examples from another student and/or come in after school to meet with the teacher. Remember it is


responsibility to get the assignments that were missed and to get your work in. Once a chapter test has been given, no late work will be accepted for that chapter.

Late work and make-up work should be put in the “Algebra” basket on the counter and it should be labeled Late or