Algebra 1B Syllabus - Perry

Perry-Lecompton High School
Algebra 1B – Syllabus
Instructor Tracey Paramore
[email protected]
Contact Hours
I am available after 7:45 in the morning until school starts or after school until 4:15. You can
also contact me during my plan period, which is 1st hour.
Course Description:
Algebra 1B covers the topics covered in the second semester of Algebra 1. These topics include:
integers, solving equations, reasoning, probability, functions, graphs, and linear equations.
Algebra Concepts and Applications
Grading Scale:
USD 343 Grading Scale
(100% & above)
(59% & below)
INC: Student has not completed all the given requirements at this time.
Assignments missed while absent will be recorded with the symbol “Ab” and not count toward their grade.
Students have a minimum of 2 days for each day absent to submit missed work for credit.
Should a student become ineligible they are guaranteed the opportunity in each class to raise their grade to become eligible in the
following week.
Student Evaluation:
Grades are determined by total number of points. The points are given as follows, but are subject
to change:
Tests: 100 points; a test will be given at the end of each chapter
Quizzes: 10 points; quizzes will be given without warning at various times
Perry-Lecompton High School
Homework: 10 points
Math Notebook: 2 points possible for each page of notes
Projects: 50-100 points
Extra Credit: there will be opportunity for extra credit throughout the year
Students are required to bring the following EACH day:
1. Writing Utensil – a pencil is preferred
2. Textbook and/or worksheets
3. 3-ring Notebook
4. Notebook Paper
5. Planner
6. Completed Assignment – with name and page number
Students are expected to do the following:
1. Abide by all class and school expectations
2. Take notes and copy examples on the outlines provided
3. Ask for help as needed
4. Complete assignments on time – NO work will be accepted after the test is given
5. Get assignments missed when absent
6. Make this a GREAT year!
Students will complete projects at various times throughout the year. Point value for each project
will vary and will be given to students at the time the project is assigned.
Behavior Plan:
All students are expected to be:
1. Courteous and Respectful
2. Prepared
3. On Time
4. Ready to Learn
Unacceptable and chronic behaviors that interfere with the learning process will be addressed in
the following manner:
Step 1: Reminder
Step 2: Conference
Step 3: Time spent with teacher before or after school
Step 4: Office Referral
Note: A step may be skipped depending on the severity of the behavior.
Perry-Lecompton High School
Rewards / Extra Credit:
A Problem of the Week will be available at various times for extra credit. There will also be
other opportunities for getting extra credit as the year progresses.
Course Outline:
The following chapters will be covered from the Glencoe Algebra Concepts and Applications
Fall Semester
1. Linear Equations
2. Powers and Roots
3. Polynomials
Spring Semester
4. Factoring
5. Quadratic and Exponential Functions
6. Inequalities
State Standards:
The state standards for this class can be found at:
State Math Standards