Honors American Survey (Modern US History)

Honors Modern American History
Mr. Rubeo
email: [email protected]
1. Teams get rewarded for tickets during each unit
a. Tickets are given for various activities and also during class discussion
b. Tickets lead to the use of notes on a test and/or bonus points for your team
2. Make the most of class time
a. Passes cost one ticket and will not be given during instruction
b. “On-Time” means you are in your seat by the bell – Tardy costs one ticket
c. No sleeping, cell phones, iPods, etc.
3. Finish your assignments
a. Late work will not be accepted
b. It is your responsibility to see me about work you miss during an absence
c. You have FIVE days to make-up assignments or tests after an absence
d. Make-up tests and quizzes will not be given during class time
1. Quizzes on Reading Assignments (5-15pts per quiz)
a. These will cover all material since the previous quiz (can be on multiple readings)
2. Tests (50-60pts per test)
a. The tests will cover multiple chapters
3. Art Projects (10-20pts per project)
a. There will be one or two art projects per unit – if you are absent, you must do
your own art project
4. Debates (20pts)
a. If you are absent for a debate you must type a 2 page paper covering the topic
5. Participation (20pts)
Survey Course Outline
Unit One:
World War II
Unit Two:
The Cold War
Unit Three:
The Civil Rights Movement
Unit Four:
1960s and 1970s
Unit Five:
1980s to the present
The Final Exam covers material from ALL units.