World Civilizations and Cultures
Ancient Egypt: Egypt’s Three Kingdoms
Name: ____________________________________ Period: __________ Date: ___________________
Egyptian Civilization Matching
Match the definition from the column on the right with the corresponding term in the column on the
left. Place the letter of the definition on the blank next to the correct term.
__L__ 1. Aten
__P__ 2. Black Land
__T__ 3. Canal
__O__ 4. Chariots
__N__ 5. Civil
__M__ 6. Civilization
__E__ 7. Dynasty
__K__ 8. Hyksos
__G__ 9. Khufu
__A__ 10. Kingdoms
__S__ 11. Linen
__B__ 12. Lower
__R__ 13. Mountains
__C__ 14. Nile
__J__ 15. Nubia
__F__ 16. Pyramid
__Q__ 17. Red Land
__D__ 18. Red Sea
__H__ 19. Scribes
__I__ 20. Thebes
A. The history of ancient Egypt is divided into three _____.
B. The part of ancient Egypt located in the northern delta where the
river spreads out and empties into the Mediterranean Sea was
called _______ Egypt.
C. The large river along which the Egyptian Civilization developed
D. The sea to the east of the Nile River
E. A series of rulers from the same family or line
F. An Egyptian tomb with a rectangular base and four triangle faces
that meet at the top
G. The pharaoh buried in the Great Pyramid of Giza
H. People who kept records and wrote messages
I. King Mentuhotep made this city the capital during the Middle
J. The country south of Egypt from which Egyptians brought gold,
ivory, and slaves
K. Egypt was conquered by these people from Canaan. Their victory
over the Egyptians marked the end of the Middle Kingdom
L. The name of the sun god Pharaoh Amenhotep IV forced his people
to worship
M. The culture developed by a particular region or nation
N. A war between two or more groups in the same country
O. Horse-drawn vehicles used in war
P. The Egyptians called their country the ______ ______ because of
the fertile soil
Q. The Egyptians called the desert surrounding their country the
_______ _______
R. The Nile River is fed by rain and melting snow from the _______ of
northeastern Africa
S. Rich Egyptians were wrapped in this material when they died
T. The Egyptians built one of these between the Nile and the Red Sea
in order to improve trade
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