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Capture Sheet
SWBAT: identify how the Ancient Egyptians modified the environment to meet their needs, creating a complex and highly
developed civilization.
Di r ecti on s: Record the overview question and focus questions you will research in the chart below. Identify
key words that will help you locate information to answer each focus question. An example is provided below.
1. Physical Geographic Characteristics: How did the physical geographic characteristics of
Egypt affect the development of civilization?
Overview Questions
Focus Question
What different
types of climate,
vegetation, and
soil did the
Egyptians have
for use as
natural resources?
Key Words
Notes From Your Research
Focus Question
Key Words
Notes from your Research
Key Words
Notes from your Research
How did the
Egyptians use the
annual flooding of
the Nile to their
Focus Question
How did the
Egyptians use
other natural