Chapter 4 Ancient Egypt

Ms. Smith
8th Grade Social Studies
Chapter 4 Ancient Egypt
Chapter 4 Vocabulary
1. Delta – a fan-shaped
area of fertile land
where most ancient
Egyptians lived.
2. Cataracts – shallow
water rapids of the
Nile River that
protected the
Egyptians from foreign
Chapter 4 Vocabulary
3. Shadoof – a machine
that lifted water from
the Nile and placed it
in the basins.
4. Basin – Bowl shaped
5. Menes (Narmer) –
United Upper and
Lower Egypt in about
3100 B.C.
Chapter 4 Vocabulary
6. Farming – the main
occupation (job) of
Ancient Egyptians.
7. Pharaoh – Ruler of
Ancient Egypt. Was
considered a ruler,
priest, and a god.
Center of Egyptian life.
Ruled the Earth.
Chapter 4 Vocabulary
8. Pyramids – Great
tombs built for
Pharaoahs to protect
them from floods, wild
animals, and robbers.
9. Hapi – Egyptian river
10. Ra – Egyptian sun god.
Chapter 4 Vocabulary
11. Osiris – early Pharaoh
who gave Egyptians
laws and taught them
farming. God of the
harvest and eternal
12. Isis – wife of Osiris.
Ruled over the dead.
13. Underworld – where
all souls went after
Chapter 4 Vocabulary
14. Book of the Dead –
special book that
contained magic spells
needed for life after
15. Embalming – process
to preserve the bodies
of the dead. At first,
only pharaohs, but
later others.