Egypt Unit Test Study Guide The Egypt unit

Name: ____________________________________ Date: _______________ Egypt Unit Test Study Guide The Egypt unit test will be ​
Thursday, February 26. ​
This test will cover chapters 7, 8 and 9 from your textbook. ​
USE COMPLETE SENTENCES!!! Chapter 7 1. Define topography and give an example of a topographical feature in ancient Egypt. 2. List two benefits of living near the Mediterranean Sea. 3. Name the plant that grew along the Nile River. 4. The Mediterranean Sea was a source of salt water. How is this different from the Sea of Galilee? 5. Why would there be a lot of vegetation along the Jordan River in Canaan? Chapter 8 6. Why did the ancient Egyptian build pyramids? 7. What is the nickname of the Middle Kingdom? 8. Khufu declared that he was a __________ in order to make sure his power was recognized by the people of Egypt. 9. Name three of the natural resources Senusret I used in his pieces of art. 10. Why did archeologists reconstruct the White Chapel? 11. Which pharaoh is known for their accomplishments in trade? 12. What monument is Hatshepsut known for building? Where is it located? 13. The first peace treaty was signed between the Egyptians and the ________________. Which pharaoh is responsible for this peace treaty? Chapter 9 14. Which of the following jobs was ONLY available to ​
: Priests, scribes or artisan? 15. List two important duties of a vizier. 16. Why did Egyptians bury their dead with food and drinks? 17. How does the work of artisans helps us learn about everyday life in ancient Egypt? 18. List the three seasons of the Nile IN ORDER. Write a sentence­long description for each season. 19. How did farmers pay their taxes?