Egypt Project directions

Egypt Free-Choice, At-Home Project
Due Date: Monday, February 1st, 2016
(Projects will be presented that week in class.)
Choose a topic relating to ancient Egypt to research. You may delve
deeper into something we’ve discussed in class or research a topic that
we haven’t touched upon. Choose a topic which interests you; something
you want to learn more about.
Your project has three parts: research, a product and a presentation. You
will prepare all parts of your projects at home.
Once you’ve thoroughly researched your topic, think of a product
(artifact, model) you could create that has something to do with the
topic you’ve researched. For example, if you choose to research Pharaoh
Senusret I, you might make a miniature model of his White Temple.
Likewise, if you research the kind of clothing and jewelry ancient
Egyptians wore, you might create a fashion magazine with sketches
showing some of your findings.
Lastly, you’ll do a presentation (between 2 and 3 minutes long) to share
your findings and your product (artifact, model) with your class.
Although no written report or speech is required, some students find it
helpful to write information down in order to assist them in
remembering what they want to share with the class.
Your project will be graded based on the following components:
 Quality of your product
 Content in your presentation
 Delivery of your presentation
Please see the rubric on the back on this page for more information.