1H Class Blog 11th September 2015 We have had a fantastic first

1H Class Blog
11 September 2015
We have had a fantastic first week in 1H. This week the children have been counting in Maths
and writing captions and sentences in Literacy.
We discussed what the children enjoyed about their first week in 1H:
CB said “I like writing using word mats and my phonics knowledge to help me.”
RR said “I like doing so much work in year 1.”
HB said “I enjoyed lunch this week.”
RT said “I enjoyed making new friends at play time”
EV said “I enjoyed writing numbers.”
CC “I really enjoyed writing and phonics.”
ME and HR both said “I enjoyed numbers and worked really hard this week.”
RT was delighted to be elected as our representative on the Junior Governing Body and CC as
our Class Ambassador.
Everyone said they had a great first week in 1H and we are now looking forward to week two.