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Mr. Bowman’s Bulletin October 2, 2015
Parents and Families,
Reading/Writing Workshop
We concluded nonfiction text features during our Reading
workshop. Students are eager to read and discover new
information with confidence and ease while applying these
practiced attributes (Scholastic News).
2nd graders also discovered that we all wear different “hats”
while we read. We activate prior knowledge as a “Graduate”.
We make connections as a “Cool Kid”. We summarize as a
“Reporter”. There are several more hats that we will be wearing
next week. During our writing time, we have been putting great
efforts into the writing process. A well written story takes a lot
of thought and time, but it is also fun to be creative and detailed
with our words. “My Tooth Story” will continue next week as
we edit and put finishing touches on the final copy.
Students began working on time this week. We will be
working on time a few times throughout the year. This trimester,
the students will be asked to determine time to the nearest hour
and half hour. They will also be working on identifying elapsed
time and determining an hour before and after a given time.
Please try to encourage your students to look at the clock to
determine the time. We will doing both analog and digital time.
Next week, we will be starting money. Time and Money can be
tricky so please try to practice these concepts at home too.
Word Study
Our first Word Study rotation began this week! Students
are very excited to practice with their new 12 words. Second
graders practiced writing these words in their best handwriting
with two fun activities—rainbow words and using whiteboards!
We also enjoyed having a class discussion on how our 12 new
words connect and/or make us think of other words. For
example, we noticed that sister, brother, and teacher all end in –
er. We brainstormed other words that have this similar ending.
Students will be assessed on the following 12 words on Friday
October 9th.
Word Study words: who, what, when, where, why, how, school,
teacher, family, brother, sister, friend
Social Studies
This week in Social Studies, second graders enjoyed
learning about Habit #3: Put First Things First. We enjoyed
listening to the read aloud, Froggy Gets Dressed, and discussed
how Froggy could be a bit more prepared and organized if he
put first things first. We reviewed Habits #1-3 in our Leader in
Me Handbooks as well. We look forward to learning about
Habits #4, #5, and #6 next week. Students also enjoyed a
Scholastic News titled “Word Up, Citizens”—learning about
what good citizens/leaders all have in common.
Specials Schedule for Next Week:
Monday: Music
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Library
Thursday: P.E.
Friday: Music
Important Dates
October 22nd - Conference Night Option 1
October 28th - Conference Night Option 2
October 29th - Fall Harvest Party
October 30th - No School