My Learner’s statement

My Learner’s statement
Name Pupil 3
My achievements: I enjoyed our residential trip to Hexham and I did really well working in a team. I took part in all activities and
enjoyed the challenges. I am a house captain for Tinto and we have won the house trophies for football, relay and netball. I have
made several power points for the school and I have enjoyed making them. They have been shown to large audiences. I helped to set
up our school web site and have taken responsibility for maintaining it. I was awarded a certificate for being a confident individual in
P7, having been voted by my peers. I was elected First Champion in our local Gala in June 2011. I won club champion at my local golf
course. I have passed my grade 3 guitar exam with a merit award. I also learn to play the drums. I enjoyed doing African drumming at
school. I was part of the netball team when we bet a local primary school 12-0. I was part of our ECO committee when we were
awarded our first Green Flag. I had to show the assessor around and explain about our ECO work. I have taken part in after school
clubs and supported school enterprise. I have received head teacher and star award certificates. In school I am a conscientious learner.
I know it is important to have a good education. I work well independently and as part of a team.