We showed Think History! to a group of teachers to find out what they thought
of the latest addition to the series, Interactive Presentations 3. They had a lesson
on source analysis looking at cartoons from the cold war.
Here are some of their comments:
“A limited amount of resources were shown but this was good because it enabled
teachers to really get into the complex ideas. There is good pupil involvement (with
progression during the lesson!!) A lively, interactive session. We enjoyed it!” C
Lloyd-Staples & A Dumas Consultants
“Fun and exciting; good ideas; gets the brain moving” Sandy Grode, History
Teacher, Wye Valley School
“Interactive; will complement text books we have” Ashley Shepherd, History
Teacher, Amersham School
“Excellent content” Jean Robinson, History Teacher, Alfriaston School
“Good variety of tasks from low level to high level; visually stimulating” Sonya and
Fiona, Misbourne School
“Very active, fun and interesting. Lots of skills as well as using and reinforcing
knowledge.” Kate Woods and Steve Pugsley, History Teachers, Great Marlow
“Very interesting and useful. I enjoyed the sources which would create variety in
lessons.” Gill Duncan, History Teacher, Chesham High School
“Fascinating – really would be a captivating resource that Year 9, 10 and 11 would
enjoy using immensely.” Katrina Robinson, History Teacher, Holmer Green
Senior School
“Excellent demonstration giving some useful lesson ideas. I just need a
whiteboard!” Laura Scott, History Teacher, Quarendon Upper School
“Good sense that the levels are adaptable so you can bring in more complex ideas,
but maintain simple starts.” S Lockwood, County Adviser
“Very interesting resources, accessible, engaging” Peter Maynard, Dr
Challoner’s High School