Spanish 2 Grammar 9/29 through 10/02 Teacher: Guillermo Ospina

Spanish 2
9/29 through 10/02
Teacher: Guillermo Ospina
Learning Activities:
Target: Students will master irregular and special verbs conjugations in preterit tense. Also they will use
expressions to talk about emotions and impressions.
Students will use nouns to talk about outdoor activities, Also they will talk about words of
emotions used in sport events.
Essential Question
Did Native Americans
use metaphors to
describe people as
Native Mexicans
used to do?
I can conjugate
irregular and
special verbs in
preterit tense.
I can describe
sport events and
talk about
emotions based
on what is
happening during
a competition.
I can recall words
of expressions to
talk about art,
music, sports.
I can describe
how the weather
conditions look
like during the
Monday 09/29/2014
Warm-up: students will use a metaphor to
describe a person he/she admires.
Guided Practice #1: Students will read and
translate to English a native Mexican story.
Closing: A student will tell the class what is the
first paragraph of the story about. .
Tuesday 09/30/2014
Warm-up: Students will keep translating the
Guided practice: Teacher will explain to students
how to conjugate irregular verbs in preterit
Closing: a students will tell the class how to
conjugate verbs such as leer, construir, caer in
preterit tense.
Wednesday/Thursday 01/1-2 / 2014
Warm-up: students will finish the story
Guided practice #1.
Conjugation chart activity.
Guided practice #2 Students will debate about the
native Mexican story.
Closing: pop quiz (extra credit)