Spanish 2 Vocabulary 1ª/1b 9/22 through 9/26 Teacher: Guillermo

Spanish 2
Vocabulary 1ª/1b
9/22 through 9/26
Teacher: Guillermo Ospina
Learning Activities:
Target: Students will master vocabulary 1a/1b.
Students will master vocabulary related to extracurricular activities, as well as, classroom’s
object, rules and procedures.
Essential Question
Have schools in Latin
counties offered as
many extracurricular
activities as schools
in America?
I can recall those
activities offered
by schools. .
Monday 09/22/2014
Warm-up: Students will work on a matching
activity about extracurricular activities.
Guided Practice #1: interacting game (bingo)
I can name the
objects and
furniture in a
Closing: Students will write a sentence in
Spanish about classroom rules.
I can use
related to
classroom rules
and procedures.
Warm-up: Students will correct some sentences
written by classmates on Monday.
Tuesday 09/23/2014
Guided practice: Students will engage in a
reading activity to practice vocabulary 1a/1b.
Closing: Students will practice speaking skills by
using a vocabulary word given by the teacher.
Wednesday/Thursday 09/ 24-25/ 2014
Warm-up: Review for a quiz
Matching quiz
Guided practice: Students will write a paragraph
guided by the teacher. (bank words)
Closing activity: Two students will write their
paragraph in the board.
Friday 09/26/2014
Warm-up: Students will team-up and correct the
paragraph written by his classmate on
Guided practice: Students will conjugate verbs in
present tense and then the teacher will tell them
that those verbs don’t follow the rule taught for
regular verbs.
Closing: Students will do a matching activity
(reflexive verbs)