Español 3

Español 3
Hoja de repaso para el examen de la Etapa Preliminar
I. Listening Section
You will hear a passage in which a person speaks about Hispanic culture in the United
Status, followed by five comprehension questions. You will have time to preview the
questions before hearing the passage. The passage will be repeated once.
II. Reading Comprehension
You will read a passage containing vocabulary covered in this etapa and utilizing both the
present and preterit tenses.
 5 true / false questions based on the passage.
 2 written expression / personal opinion
III. Vocabulary and Grammar
A. Present Tense of AR, ER, IR verbs, irregular yo forms and stem-changing
verbs. Study text pp. 4, 8, workbook exercises, pp. 1-3
B. Preterit Tense
1. Review AR, ER, IR endings
2. Review yo forms of CAR, Gar, ZAR verbs
3. Review IR stem-changing verbs, i.e. “sandal” verbs (third person singular and
plural stem change) e.g. sentir, dormer, preferir
4. Review ir and ser(identical in the preterit)
5. Review all irregulars: p. 24 of the text and green sheet. “I”, “J” and “u”
Study text p. 12,16,20,24 and workbook pp.4-10
IV. Culture
Text pp. 2-3, and 18-19. ( Estados Unidos y España) There will be a matching
section testing your knowledge of the history and culture of the Spanish-speaking United
Status and Spain as covered in the text readings and worksheets.