Teacher: Mrs

Teacher: Mrs. Glancy
Subject area: Geography
Lesson name: New England
1. Topic- My lesson is to teach a brief history of New England and provide the students
with trivia type facts about each state.
2. Content- When and How New England was discovered and settled. Information
about state birds, insects, flower flags, and other miscellaneous facts.
3. Goals- I am working with Autistic children and therefore my teaching my goal is to
provide information in bits. I am not hoping to spark an interest in the children, as much
as slightly expand there knowledge of New England
4. Objectives- WI aforementioned that I am working with autistic children, and tam not
wishing to inspire new behavior or skills, rather simply provide accessible
5. Technology, materials and aids- Website and worksheets
6. Procedures/MethodsA. Introduction- As members of New England I feel it is important that each
student learn more about the environment he or she grew up in.
C. Activities- as we go through the lesson, children will have to answer the
questions on their work sheet.
7. Evaluation- It is a special education classroom, thus all evaluations will be oral.
8. Technology- My multimedia scrapbook will provide in depth information on the vast
information my website introduces. The scrapbook itself will have links to specific
information while the website is a general education tool.
9. Technology Frameworks- My students do not apply to any of those criteria