AP Biolgy II Summer Assignment


Welcome to AP Biology.

As you know, AP Biology is a rigorous course consisting of two semesters in the year that are equivalent and in some cases, can be more rigorous than the first year biology courses at the collegiate level. This summer work was designed to get you started on the content material prior to starting the course in the fall. Please read this document closely and meet all of the deadlines and requirements for the work.

This project will count as a TEST GRADE during your first 9-weeks of the course; and the majority of the project is due on the first day of the class (more details to follow). No late summer work will be accepted!!! If it is not turned in on the first day of school you will receive a

ZERO for your first test grade.

The work for this summer will come from the STUDENT online learning center of the book that you will use next year. http://auth.mhhe.com/biosci/genbio/biolink/

Work will be done on the following chapters:

Chapter 23: Population Ecology

Chapter 24: Community Ecology

Chapter 25: Dynamics of Ecosystems

Chapter 26: The Biosphere

Chapter 27: The Future of the Biosphere

The pieces that will require you to turn something in are prefaced with an asterisk*. Make a summer notebook that has a section for each of these items. (The key terms assignment may be turned in as a separate scrapbook or digitally for the PowerPoint).

Chapter Overview- Before attempting any of the activities associated with each chapter, read over the chapter overview.

*Chapter Outline- Print out each chapter outline, Read through it and write questions in the margins. (These questions will be the basis of our class discussions the first two dayAus of school.) Additionally, highlight any of the key terms that you encounter throughout the outline.

*Key Terms- review these terms, lookup any terms that you are not familiar with. Choose 10 of these terms that you did not know and make a PowerPoint slide or scrapbook page that does the following:

1) Has the word on it

2) Has the definition on it

3) Includes a photograph or illustration on it

4) Contains an explanation of how the photograph or illustration relates to the word

For 5 of the terms in each chapter, you will need to SKETCH or take an ORGINAL PICTURE of an example of the vocabulary word and describe how your image fits the definition of the vocabulary term and the function or use of that item in nature. In order for the picture to be original, you must place an item that you own like a picture of yourself, cell phone, ring, or your own face beside of that picture. It should also include the date that the picture was taken. For the 5 terms that you do not use an original piece of work, please cite where the image came from. You may turn them in as a PowerPoint presentation or in a scrapbook form, but not just pasted in a notebook.

For Review- Briefly read these.

Additional Readings Skip these unless you want to know more about any of the topics at hand.

*Chapter Web Links Follow these links and explore each link. Spend about 15 minutes with each website. Write a one page summary for each chapter indicating the additional material available on the web. In this summary please include an explanation as to how the website would support the topic that you are studying. (Please indicate which if any of the links provided no longer work).

*Test Yourself- Upon completion of the above work in each chapter, take each of the testing yourself quizzes. You may take these exams as many times as you would like. Print out your results. The combination of the five exams will be your first exam grade.