Esperanza Rising Group Directions and Display Guidelines

Esperanza Rising: Customs and Traditions
Group Directions and Display Guidelines
Name: _____________________________________________
Deadline for display:________________________
 Each team member should conduct some part of the research. (See Research
Guide for your group.)
 Divide responsibility among your team members for:
o making sure that all questions are answered to the best of the team’s
o obtaining materials and/or making the necessary arrangements to create
your display on the in-class work date
o deciding which team member(s) will create the final product
 Write students’ names beside the items for which they will be responsible.
Guidelines for your Display:
 Use a poster board, bulletin board paper, banner paper, or some other type of
display board to create your scrapbook page(s). You may want to divide up one
large page or create three separate pages in order to represent three different
customs or traditions.
 Based on your research, decide which three customs or traditions to share on your
visual. Gather all related information about them from all researchers.
 Create the scrapbook pages by hand or using a word processing program such as
Microsoft Word. Remember that effective scrapbook pages rely on words or text
combined attractively with images.
 As time allows, add drawings or clip art to enhance the visual impact of your
 Be sure to check your visual display assessment sheet to make sure that you
have fulfilled all requirements.