1920s Newspaper Project

1920s Newspaper Project
For this assignment you are required to create the front page of a 1920’s
newspaper. You will use the notes in class and the scrapbook “Confident Years”
activity to plan your articles and advertisements
Rationale: This assignment will help you learn about the 1920’s in greater depth
and actively apply your knowledge.
 Your front page will need to include:
o A newspaper Title
o At least 2 Advertisements
o A Date
o Pictures
o 3 articles with catchy headings – the article should be no less then 150
words each. One article should be about politics, another about
society and the third is your choice.
 Format: You may create the newspaper article on the computer, or you can
make a small poster
 You may work individually or in pairs (no groups of 3)
 You will need to submit your completed scrapbook search with the front
page as well.
You will be marked based on the content, accuracy and organization of the articles.
Your scrapbook search will also be included with the front page article and checked
over for marks.
This will be due before Christmas break.