Living Document: Shadow of Hate

Living Document: Shadow of Hate
Students will demonstrate their knowledge of how cultural stereotyping impacts
certain citizens.
Here’s what you need to do:
1. You and your group members will design a memoir in the form of a
2. The ‘‘scrapbook” must be from an individual who may have suffered
persecution from a cultural stereotype. The individual can be historical or
may just represent a figure from that historical period. (Harriet Jacobs,
Chief Sitting Bull, Chief Cherry Hill, could be the work of a grandchild who
found their family’s documents-refer to “The Photographs in Nona’s Album)
3. Your scrapbook must have the following:
o Should look like a “scrapbook”.
o Title and a creative cover
o At least 5 memoir entries which reflect the understanding of the
Essential Question
o At least 5 pictures to illustrate this period of time. Pictures may
include… designs, maps, propaganda, photograph, artwork, etc... Be
sure all visual images are appropriate. Be sensitive to your classmates.
4. Back cover requirement: must give a brief summary of the work compiled in
the “scrapbook”. Bibliography should be placed here.