Course Planning Part II: Using BCeSIS

Course Planning Part II: Using BCeSIS
In just a few simple steps, you can now enter
your course requests directly into the school’s
student information system!
With thanks to Mr. Leung at TSS
Let’s Begin! (Signing in)
1. Type the following URL into your browser:
2. You should see the following screen:
3. Enter your user name and password and click login
EXACTLY as they appear on the sticker (it’s case-sensitive!)
Using Student Assistant – Step 1
When you login, you will be prompted to change your
password. Do NOT change it!
Do NOT change the password!
Using Student Assistant – Step 2
Instead, just move your cursor to “student
update” and click on the tab “courses” to
begin your course request process.
Using Student Assistant – Step 3
When you sign in successfully, you will see the
following screen:
Next, click the “Add Course” button
Using Student Assistant – Step 4
A pop-up screen will come up.
This is where you will add your course requests.
Find the courses you have written on
your course request form (courses are
listed, alphabetically, by their full names)
Using Student Assistant – Step 5
Check the boxes BESIDE “add 1” for all the courses
1. Click the box besides “add 1;”
you are requesting
but NOT the “add 1” box directly!
2. Click “add checked courses” when you have
finished selecting all of your courses.
Using Student Assistant – Step 6
A confirmation screen like this should appear:
Check to see if you have entered your course requests
correctly. Click “Return” and your course screen should
refresh. (click “return” even if you have made a mistake)
Using Student Assistant – Step 7a
This screen will show up – check your course selections.
If correct, follow the steps on this screen.
#2 And with
that, you are
DONE! Log off
from BCeSIS,
and return your
course request
form to your
#1 Click the
“all done”
button to
submit your
Using Student Assistant – Step 7b
Follow these steps ONLY if you have made a mistake!
#1 Click
“remove” to
delete the
course wrongly
#2 A text box
will appear to
confirm your
change. Click
#3 Click “add
course” to add a
new course. You
can use the “add
one” feature if
you are only
adding 1 course.