Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to

Enhancing the Community Voice of Otara North
Building a platform of learning opportunities
Acknowledging our Strengths as Community members around Early Childhood Learning
We are very proud to introduce our latest addition to the Mo Tatou Family network – Lumana’i. This brings
Mo Tatou In-home Early Childhood Education & Care to 3 networks, all working towards a common goal –
Increasing participation in quality Early Childhood Education & Care: Malaeola (servicing the Hutt Valley area),
Penina (working with the Porirua community) and Lumana’i.
Through the support of the Ministry of Education a contract was secured for $100,000 of which will be utilised to
establish home based networks in the Otara North community.
Based in Auckland, Lumana’i are working towards increasing participation in the Otara North area and are
currently conducting research into the early learning needs of their community.
“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela.
Community Developer Lead Facilitator
Agnes Kapisi-Sevi
Community Assistant: Network & Services
Mary Kapisi
Community Assistant: Network & Services
Rolani Moasegi
Community Assistant: Branding & Marketing
Clem Matangi
Community Assistant: Systems & Procedures
Fetoai Kapisi
Community Assistant: Property & Space
Layne Seulu
Administration & Analysis Co-ordinator
Sina Tautiaga
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