Knockadoon Enhancement Project Presentation

A Community Effort
What is the Knockadoon
Enhancement Project?
A community initiative to brighten up and enhance the
area of Knockadoon and surrounding countryside
 Adding feature items and street furniture.
 Planting of flowers/shrubs.
 Creating a walk from Knockadoon to Barry’s Cove.
 Improving Signage.
 Lobbying of Local Authority (improving roads etc.)
 Liaising with groups such as SECAD, Muintir Na Tíre
We have put together a few ideas of what can be done in
the area.
We must stress:
 These are only ideas and are not set in stone.
 These are a representation of what can be done.
 We are open to new ideas/suggestions.
The Pumphouse
Knockadoon/Capel Island Sign
Milk Churns/ Flower Boxes
Reinstate Water Pump
Welcome to Knockadoon
Possible Ironwork Design on Wall
Castle Signage
Cart Wheel on wall.
Picnic Area & Large Map
Slán Abhaile
Knockadoon to Barry’s Cove Walk
Questions and Ideas Session
 Any Questions?
 Suggestions?
 Show of Hands.
Committee Election
 Chairperson
 Secretary
 Treasurer
 Assistant Chairperson
 Assistant Secretary
 Assistant Treasurer
 Work Organiser x 2