World History Mr. Engle Introduction and Rules

World History
Mr. Engle
Introduction and Rules
Exactly what history are we studying? It is the history of mankind and how human development over time
encompasses the studies of philosophy, art, language, literature, religion, and political histories. Over time people
have studied questions such as: How can one individual or event impact the overall history of the world? Where
and when did something happen and why is that event significant to the human race? By applying yourself in this
course you may find out why Americans tend to place a great deal of importance in the Democratic Republic that
exists in our world or why Islam is important to many Easterners. Why do many parts of the world have a
negative view of the “Western Powers?” By learning the history of the world, an opportunity arises for America’s
future leaders to learn how to avoid costly wars – or to realize when the only logical or possible recourse is to
fight. This course is a requirement for graduation; however it is also an opportunity that can enable each of you to
gain a better grasp on the world around you. Our goal should be to ask how and why something is the way it is
rather than to merely accept as “TRUTH.” Critical thinking skills, as well as discussion skills, will be an absolute
necessity in this course. We will study the impact of human interaction and global systems on our world. This is
a problem solving class.
Follow Instructions: This includes any directions given by administrators, substitutes, and me. Please
ask for help if you are struggling to understand something, but don’t expect me to do your work. It is
your job to pay attention.
Come Prepared with class appropriate materials: You need to have your notebook, pens, pencils, and
paper regardless of what you think.
Assignments must be Turned in on Time: It is your job to stay on pace with your work. Points will be
deducted from late work up to 75% for work turned in no later than 2 days late.
Office Hours: I will be in my classroom from 7:30-7:50 everyday and during lunch by appointment only.
Please feel free to come by if you need help.
Be Ready When the Bell Rings: Books and notebooks out. Copy the daily quote and respond to it when
the bell rings.
Respect is Key: Be respectful of your classmates and me. You will be treated with respect and
consideration so it is therefore expected that you do the same.
All School Rules are Enforced in Class: It is you responsibility to read the Student Handbook.
Cleanliness: The classroom and your desk should be clean every day when you leave class.
Tests: 8 major exams will be given throughout the year. They will be worth 200 points each. Each test
will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. A quiz will be given over every chapter consisting of 35 mc
questions (70 pts), as well as over other daily reading assignments. A pre/post test will also be given
along with Essential Elements Quizzes throughout the year.
Calendar: I will have an updated calendar on my staff webpage that will outline quizzes and tests for
that month. It will be your responsibility to know of upcoming quizzes and tests.
Group Work: This requires cooperation and you pulling your own weight. If you have not participated
in the assignment and allowed others to do all of the work, you risk receiving a “0” for that particular
Class Participation: Everyone is expected to participate in class discussions as well as to ask questions
themselves. This is a positive learning environment; therefore, all will be allowed to participate
comfortably. Derogatory remarks will not be tolerated and will make the perpetrator susceptible to
punishment (a zero will be given for the assignment.)
Cheating: Do your own work. Work that has been copied or plagiarized will not be accepted. Cheating
on a test will result in a zero for that test as well as parental contact.
Attendance: It is up to you to avoid absences. Due to the amount of content that must be covered in this
course there is not a great deal of makeup time available. Class participation grades cannot be made up
after the day they are given. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements before they are gone
to complete make-up work. All make-up work is to be done outside of class.
Consequences: As a young adult, you make your own choices. There are both rewards and
consequences that are received as a result of those choices. Listed below are Positive and Negative
a. Positive Consequences
i. Praise will be given to students for work that is done well
ii. Academic Achievement and Recognition
iii. Bright Futures
b. Negative Consequences
i. Verbal or written warnings will be given
ii. Student-Teacher Conference
iii. Given Detention with Mr. Engle for 30 min. (before school)
iv. Parent-Teacher conference (usually over the phone first.)
v. Referral to the appropriate administrator
Students and parents should be aware that major disruptions or infractions would result in the student
being sent to the appropriate principal without regard to the outlined discipline plan. My purpose is for
you to have a successful year in World History. I will work with you to make sure that you are receiving
a quality education. We are studying our past in order to form our future. Let’s have a great year.
Student Name_________________________________ Book Number_____________________
I have read and understand the above stated “World History Introduction and Rules,” and understand that
the student is responsible for their learning and that the teacher will help in this process to the best of his
ability by providing concise objectives and a daily calendar. The student will be prepared, obey rules,
participate in cooperative assignments, and follow the above rules. I understand that the teacher is
available for conferences, but will also respond to e-mails.
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