Good Eats: Power Trip Name: ______________________ Period: __________________

Good Eats: Power Trip
Name: ______________________
Period: __________________
1. ______________________ once ingested move quickly into the
2. When excess glucose doesn’t get used up by the body the pancreas sends
out ________________ to neutralize it.
3. Excess carbohydrates easily convert to ____________.
4. Fats store _____ calories per gram.
5. Without _____________ your body could not utilize fat soluble
______________ like A, D, E, or K or maintain healthy ______________
or cell membranes.
6. Most of the body is made of __________________. Three-fourths of the
bodies dry weight is made of proteins like: muscles, _______________,
hair, and _______________.
7. ___________ different amino acids are required by the body.
8. ___________ amino acids are manufactured by the body. The remaining
_______ must be imported by the outside world.
9. Wheat germ is composed of ___________________________ fats.
Palm kernel oil is a saturated fat that is ___________________ at
room temperature.
11. Hydrolized means extracted from cow ________________ and
How do we get the complete protein we need without the fat of meat?
Flax seeds contain _____________________ fatty acids.
Keep going:
A complete protein has all the _______________ ______________
your body needs.
Nutrition shows you need eat a _____________________________
of foods.
Salt is a flavor __________________________ and flavor in itself.
Good for you high calorie foods contain: lots of good
________________, complex and simple
________________________________, vitamins, and
Doctors say to stay away from fatty foods because we get