Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids (Fats) Nucleic Acids Monomer (Basic

Macromolecules Biology Name____________________________ Date________________________ Carbohydrates Proteins Monomer (Basic Building Block) Monosaccharides Functions (What are they used for in living things?) Examples Lipids (Fats) Nucleic Acids Amino acids Fatty acids Nucleotides an important role of carbohydrates is storing energy proteins have many functions. the number and shape of the amino acids in the protein determines its shape and function. long term energy storage and forms cell membranes. it stores genetic energy and helps make proteins Sugar, glucose, starch, cellulose, glycogen Enzymes, muscle fibers, antibodies Fats, Oils, waxes, steroids, Phospholipid
s in membranes. DNA, RNA