Members Present: Support Staff Present: Karthikeyan Umapathy, Scott Hochwald, Carlo Fassi

Space Committee Meeting
September 5, 2012
Members Present:
Shari Shuman, Pierre Allaire, Newton Jackson, Mauricio Gonzalez,
Karthikeyan Umapathy, Scott Hochwald, Carlo Fassi
Support Staff Present:
Zak Ovadia, Lance Taylor, Deb Kaye, John Hale, Dan Endicott,
Elizabeth Jones, Ann Hamlin
Project Timelines
- Interfaith Sanctuary
 The administration has agreed to a design competition. The first draft of the
competition rules has been distributed to the committee for feedback.
- Religious Centers at Holzendorf
 A consultant was hired to conduct a feasibility study regarding the cost of running the
utilities to the site. The study has been completed.
 Will be located across from the Hayt Golf Learning Center.
 A draft plan was presented in concept as a quadriplex with a central courtyard. All of
the religious entities will be given the opportunity to submit a proposal to build.
- Greek Village Development
 Treanor Architects has been hired to conduct a feasibility study of both the site and a
financial and market analysis. The Greek organizations will also be surveyed as to
their financial abilities to build.
 Newton Jackson suggested looking at other similar sized institutions such as Mercer
University and Wofford College.
 This would be located across from the Kernan entrance.
Student Wellness Complex
- This facility is complete and occupied.
- No major issues. The only issue is with a back door that needs an audible alarm.
Dining Facility
- The first and second floors were completed on schedule.
- Work is now concentrated on the third and fourth floors.
- Completion is scheduled for the end of November.
- The Office of Faculty Enhancement will move in December. The Faculty Association
will move in January.
NE Connector Road/Lot 34
- The road and lot are complete. Assembly and installation of 3 shelters will be scheduled.
- Three meetings have been held with the consultants. Elevations will be presented to the
President on September 6.
- This will be funded through Housing.
Buildings 3, 4 and 50
- Final layouts were presented to the committee.
- A portion of the first floor of Building 3 will be converted to a computer lab for Math.
An engineering analysis is being conducted regarding the heat load that would be
generated by the lab. Results are expected in 2 weeks.
- Some Math and Social Science offices are now located on the second floor of Building 3.
- The existing partitions will be taken down and the utilities will be capped on the first
floor of Building 4.
- Electrical work has begun to re-locate the CCEC Machine Shop in Building 50. This
should be completed in about a week.
Expansion of Golfplex to Accommodate Women’s Locker/Lounge Area
- The work has started. Completion is expected in October.
Completed Projects
1. Housing Maintenance Building
Pending Issues
Carts and Cart Storage
Building Construction Management – Request for New Building
Room Space for OLLIE (Continuing Education)
Art & Design Building Program – Master Plan Location
Confucius Institute