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Space Committee Meeting
July 3, 2013
Members Present:
Support Staff Present:
Shari Shuman, Scott Hochwald, Mauricio Gonzalez, Carlo Fassi,
Tom Serwatka
Zak Ovadia, Lance Taylor, John Yancey, John Hale, Dan Endicott,
Everett Malcolm, Angela Rivera
Project Timelines
Housing Clubhouse
- The GMP was received last week and a fee schedule has been negotiated. An
amendment to the contract will be processed. Costs are higher than expected.
Greek Housing
- Currently waiting to have further discussions with sororities.
Student Assembly Building
- The committee met and short-listed 3 finalists. Kasper Architecture was selected.
Campus Planning will meet with them in the next 2 weeks to review the University’s
standard contract and negotiate the fee.
- The awarded design boards will be shown to the Space Committee next month.
Chick-fil-A Build Out
- Construction is continuing.
- Completion is expected at the end of July.
Athletic Facilities Mini-Master Plan
- The report is completed and being distributed.
- The design plan will be shown to the Space Committee next month. The report includes
a long-term plan at where a football stadium could go if a football team was created. It
also looks at the expansion of Athletics, including the repurposing of the aquatic center.
Skinner-Jones Hall North
- An RFQ has been prepared to involve the programming and design of renovating
Skinner-Jones Hall North and programming Skinner-Jones Hall South. The Science and
Engineering Building will also need to be reviewed at the same time.
- The University has been appropriated $4 million for the project. A meeting is planned
next week to begin discussions.
Aquatic Center Re-Purposing
- The RFQ is ready to be advertised.
- A community meeting has been planned.
New Outdoor Swimming Pool
- The RFQ is ready to be advertised.
Additional Items
- The Hodges Stadium Field is on schedule to be available by September 15. The new
drains have been installed to correct the drainage problems.