May 19, 2003

El Camino College
Office of the President
Minutes of the College Council Meeting of May 19, 2003
Present: Ms. Caldwell, Dr. Caldwell, Mr. D’Amico, Ms. Ely, Dr. Fallo, Dr. Hata, Mr.
Neesby, Ms. Pickens, Dr. Simon, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Stewart
Board Agenda
President Fallo reported the following changes: Page 7, Human Resources, item 2,
Adriana Ruiz effective date is May 23,2003; and Page 7, Human Resources, item 6, Ms.
O’Brien, change of classification will be pulled from the consent agenda.
The May Revise is better than expected, but still not good for Community Colleges.
Community Colleges are still not being treated equitably. PFE has been cut 50%. We
are right on track with our $7-9M cuts. A tentative budget will go to the board tonight
for adoption on June 9, 2003.
The most recent Vice President budget cut listing includes the elimination of the winter
session. We will not change dates for spring session at this time. We will continue to try
and protect classified and faculty regular permanent positions.
Health Benefits
There is another open forum scheduled for Tuesday, May 27, 2003 during college hour.
The State of the College Address that was scheduled for that same time will be
The State of the College Address
On Thursday, May 29, 2003 – President Fallo will present the State-of-the-College
Address at two different times—11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in the Campus Theatre.
Planning Retreat
Dr. Caldwell did a good job and the retreat was a great success. Dr. Caldwell will be
looking for volunteers to make presentations for Flex Day.
Agenda for June 2, 2003 meeting
Approval of Minutes – May 19, 2003
Team Reports
MOU-Amplified Sound
Facilities Needs