September 8, 2003

El Camino College
Office of the President
Minutes of the College Council Meeting of September 8, 2003
Present: Dr. Fallo, Mr. Hanson, Dr. Hata, Dr. Caldwell, Ms. Pickens, Ms. Caldwell, Ms.
Ely, Ms. Smith, Dr. Simon, and Ms. Stewart
1. Board Agenda
a. There are two changes to the Board Agenda in Human Resources section,
page 4, Temporary Classified Service Employees. Ending dates for
numbers 1 & 2 should be June 30, 2004.
b. Measure E agenda includes preliminary project budgets totaling $394M.
We are bound by the major classifications. Our Facilities Master Plan total
was $460M, which was dependent on revenues from other sources. Our
hope is to get additional funding from the State. We are on budget and on
time for the Natural Science project. Our next big building project will be
the Humanities building. Other projects for next year are heating and
cooling and the Electrical Substation.
2. Budget
a. We may have overestimated our concurrent enrollment liability. The State
took out $25M associated with concurrent enrollment and spread it
throughout the districts. It is not known if this will be taken out of our
b. Our FTES could be down 5-7% at this time. Some of this is planned. We
cut 150 classes. At this time we are leaning towards offering a Winter
session. Our Spring semester will probably be the same as last year.
c. We are still concerned about any mid-year cuts that may occur. We are
fairly well positioned at this time.
Agenda for September 15, 2003
1. Approval of Minutes for September 8, 2003 meeting
2. Team Reports
3. College Council Analysis of 2002-2003
4. College Council Goals for 2003-2004