Biology II Advanced Placement – Mr. Stewart


Biology II Advanced Placement – Mr. Stewart

Summer Assignment

Hello! Welcome to Biology II AP. This is a college level, lab based, science course. The class you are enrolled in is rigorous, fast paced, and dynamic. The expectations for the student are very high.

Because of the massive amount of information that we need to cover in this class, you are required to complete the following assignments prior to the first day of school. Please e-mail me at

if you have any questions.

Assignment #1 Edmodo

We will utilize Edmodo, an online classroom, for the distribution of lecture notes, assignments, and reference materials. Please create an account and sign in to the class using the group code below.

Group Code - 3ae6ie

Assignment #2 Hello! Message

Your second assignment is to introduce yourself to the class. Using Edmodo, following the directions for

Assignment #2 Hello! Message. Be sure to thoroughly read the instructions before submitting your introduction.

Assignment #3 Graphing Practice

Did you know that AP Biology has a math component? Don’t worry; the math is algebra based and fairly simple once you get the hang of it. To get you started, we are going to review how to design proper graphs. Using Edmodo, print out the Graphing Practice assignment and bring it completed to the first day of class.

Assignment #4 Unit 1 Vocabulary

AP Biology is a foreign language course. There will be hundreds of vocab words that you’ll need to memorize in order to prepare yourself for the AP test. Let’s get started early. Using Edmodo, print out the list of Unit 1 Vocabulary words and create a flashcard for each word. These flashcards should be kept in a safe place so that you can review them all year long. We will take frequent vocabulary quizzes.

These vocab quizzes will be cumulative, meaning that any term from previous units may be asked.


It is my expectation that every AP Biology student completes these assignments prior to the first day of school. If you have any questions or concerns you need to e-mail me before the first day of school. I will accept no excuses on August 24 th , 2015.