Welcome to 8th grade physical science

Brownell Middle School
Welcome to 6th grade Earth Science. We will be exploring the following topics:
I am asking that you have your supplies for class by Thursday. You will need the following items:
 2 pocket folder; hole
 Roll of paper towel
 Calculator
 Spiral notebook
 Glue stick
 pencils
 Dry erase markers
 checking pen/pencil
 small binder
 Colored pencils
 Highlighter markers
 Clorox Wipes (optional)
Grading Policy:
Test = 2.0
Grades will carry the following weights:
Quizzes = 1.0
Daily Work = 0.5
Homework = 0.5
Grading Scale:
100-98 A+
97-93 A
92-90 A-
89-88 B+
87-83 B
82-80 B-
79-78 C+
77-73 C
72-70 C-
69-68 D+
67-63 D
62-60 D-
59- 0 U
Class Expectations:
 Everyone will be treated with respect
 Put-downs or hurtful comments/actions will not be tolerated
 No one will be allowed to disrupt the learning process of others
 More specific “rules” are posted in the classroom
It is your responsibility to complete any assignments you miss due to an absence. With so many
students I will not always remember you were absent and what you missed. When you are absent make
sure that you find out what assignments you missed and make them up promptly (see me before
school, please avoid asking me during class time, unless it is during “down” time). Check Edmodo.
Missed worksheets are available in the absent folders in the classroom (with your name listed on
them). You should have the phone number of at least two reliable classmates so that you can contact
them as needed.
You have homework EVERY night. If an assignment is not given then you are expected to study your
class notes for a minimum of 10 minutes. Doing this will help you prepare for any test or “pop” quiz
that may be given – not to mention that it is a good habit to develop. Homework assignments are
graded as pass or fail. If the assignment is complete full credit will be received, if parts are missing
reduced credit will be given. Late homework receives ½ credit, and it must be complete. Any class
work not finished during class time is considered homework for the evening, so use your class time
wisely (sufficient class time is always given to complete work). If you are often completing class work
as homework then there is a problem with your work habits.
You are to keep all your notes, assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. in your 3 ringed binder. DO NOT
THROW AWAY ANY SCIENCE PAPERS! Binder, textbook and needed supplies are to be brought
to class every day. Binders will be periodically graded and organization is a key factor in this. This
grade is treated as a QUIZ grade and is done in the form of an open note “Scavenger Hunt” quiz.
I will be showing you how to set up your binders. If you have problems with organization you will
want to see me in the mornings for help (7:45 a.m. till first bell) – an unorganized / incomplete binder
generally means you will score low on your Scavenger Hunt Quizzes.
Mrs. Jordan’s 6th grade science
Welcome Letter
Brownell Middle School
Once a week, usually on Friday, I will assign an online news article for you to read and respond to.
Your response will be turned in using our online learning management system, Edmodo. You will have
until Thursday evening by 8:00 p.m. to get this assignment turned in. Plan ahead, don’t procrastinate
as computer problems are not an acceptable excuse for being late.
Late Work:
Late work will not earn a grade above a D+. Think about it … is late work the average we are hoping
for? Is it fair to students who completed their work on time for you to earn a similar grade for turning
your work in late – and having more time to complete it? Of course it is not; therefore late work cannot
receive a grade of average or above. I am very firm on this standard, so please don’t upset yourself by
testing me on it. However, I do have a heart, if you know in advance that there is a conflict, and
discuss it with me, I may make exceptions.
Labs/ Activities:
You will be given written and verbal lab safety procedures. Following these procedures will keep you
and your classmates safe. Any irresponsible lab behavior will result in NO CREDIT on a lab. Failure
to follow lab rules/guidelines will result in your not being able to complete labs – you will then only
observe. You are responsible for cleaning up your lab station before leaving class, failing to do so will
result in a lower grade and a low work habits grade. All materials and equipment will only be used as
intended. Labs will often be preset up at your stations; please do not touch anything until you are
instructed to. The general rule is HANDS OFF until instructed on procedures.
Contacting each other:
You may come see me any morning after 7:45 a.m. until first bell. Please feel free to e-mail me with
questions or concerns: Susan.Jordan@gpschools.org I will generally respond to all emails within a
24/48 hour period. Parents: Voice messages are more difficult for me to respond to, due to
confidentiality. Please fill out the Parent Contact/Signature sheet your child brought home, I will be
using this information to know how to best contact you regarding your child.
We will be using the online learning management system Edmodo this year. The majority of class
work will be posted on Edmodo. We will also be turning in the majority of our work electronically,
including using Edmodo to take the majority of our quizzes and tests. Edmodo is easy to use once you
get used to it. We will spend time in class learning to navigate Edmodo. Parents will have access to
your Edmodo account so they can keep up-to-date on what you are working on.
We will be using computers extensively this year. We will be utilizing many web 2.0 tools to help
reach our educational goals. Many times we will need to create a username and password. When we
need to do this we will always use their school username and school password to keep it simple.
Students will also be using their school email as their main account for school work.
Other procedures may be added as needed to keep our class running smoothly.
Keep this sheet in your science binder. You may want to refer to it throughout the school year.
Parents, this sheet, and all other handouts, are available on my web page for you to refer to.
After reading, make sure to check this off on the Parent Contact/Signature sheet!!
Mrs. Jordan’s 6th grade science
Welcome Letter