The Great Awakening and Enlightenment led to ideas of political

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3.4 Colonial Life
Pages 90-97
The English colonies continued to grow despite many challenges.
Colonial governments were influenced by political changes in England.
Colonial Governments
a. Colonial Governors __________________________
i. Each colony had a governor, who is __________________________
ii. Some colonies also have elected representatives, which were ______
iii. Virginia created the first __________________________ in the year
1. The Virginia legislature was __________________________
iv. The center of politics in New England was the _________________,
which was _____________________________________________.
a. In southern colonies,
b. In middle colonies,
b. Political ___________________________
i. The former Duke of York, _________________, became king in the
year ________.
1. He believed ______________________________________.
2. In 1686, he ______________________________________.
3. The colonists felt __________________________________.
c. ____________ Bill of Rights
i. Parliament replaced _________________________and passed the
_________________________, which was
1. How did the English Bill of Rights change the government?
d. Colonial Courts
i. They were used for
ii. The courts reflected ______________________________________.
iii. They also protected ______________________________________.
English trade laws limited free trade in the colonies.
English ______________ Laws
a. Why did England want to have control of American colonies?
b. European nations practiced a system called ______________________,
which is _____________________________________________________.
i. Parliament passed _____________________________ between the
years ____________________ because
ii. An example of an act passed was
iii. England liked these acts because
iv. Colonists felt
v. Colonists wanted to trade with whomever they wanted because
vi. These trade restrictions led to _________________________, in
___, and many American merchants became _____________.
c. Triangular ____________
i. Definition: _____________________________________________.
ii. Draw the routes below:
d. Middle Passage
i. American traders exchanged ______________ for
_______________________ from Africa.
1. The middle passage was a ______________ that could last as
long as _________________.
2. Conditions were_________________.
a. For example,
The Great Awakening and Enlightenment led to ideas of political equality among
many colonists.
Great Awakening and _________________
a. Great Awakening was _____________________________________
i. One leader of this movement was ________________________
1. He was from ______________________
2. He preached
ii. Another leader was __________________________, who
iii. People listened because
iv. How did people change?
b. Enlightenment
i. Definition: ___________________________________________
ii. New ideas were:
iii. One great thinker was ______________________
1. He thought _______________________________________.
The French and Indian War gave England control of more land in North America.