Enlightenment and Great Awakening Gallery Walk

Enlightenment/Great Awakening Gallery Walk
1) Enlightenment
 Movement that began in Europe and came to America
 Had a main focus on thought, reason, and science as opposed to
religion and spiritual nature
 Played a role in the American Revolution because it led colonists
to believe in their own independence and personal gain
 Personal happiness as an integral part of domestic life became
common during this time period
 Constitution was based on these beliefs
 Begins in the late 17th-early 18th century
 The Enlightenment is often referred to as the age of reason
 Began with intellectuals in Europe and moved over to America
 Every social, political and economic problem could be solved
through the use of reason and scientific method
2) Great Awakening
 Movement rooted in spiritual growth which brought a national
identity to Colonial America
 Preachers felt that people needed to be concerned with inner
emotions and spirituality as opposed to outward religious behavior
 First real outburst of religious behavior in the colonies
 Huge spread of Christianity came as a result
 Colonists could be bold when confronting religious authority, and
break away if they were not meeting expectations
 Just as with religion, political power did not reside with English
Monarchs, but with colonists self-governance
 First Great Awakening took place during the 1730’s-1740’s in colonial
3) John Locke
 Played a major role in the development of our
government through his ideas
 Believed governmental power was not derived
through god to monarchs but rather was derived
from the need to preserve “life, liberty, and property”
of the governed
 His thoughts were the basic foundation of our
4) Jonathan Edwards
Influential preacher in the Great Awakening
Had many fear based sermons
Traveled across the colonies holding revivals
Put much emphasis on the severity of sin in God’s eyes