Analyze life in the colonies from a variety of points of view L20

Learning Target: Analyze life in the
colonies from a variety of points of view
Do Now: In your
Source Packet analyze
the image an headline
for “Life on a Farm” jot
down your ideas in the
box on your notes
What are we working on?
• Life in Colonial America: What is the real story?
Directions: Over the next two weeks we will be investigating life
in colonial America. During this time there was a famous English
newspaper called the London Chronicle. It created an article
called “The Untold Story of life in the American Colonies” this
article was meant to share with Europeans what life was like in
the American colonies. This week we will be critiquing the
headlines that they produced and deciding what we think life was
really like in the colonies. At the end of our investigation you will
put together a Colonial Newspaper of your articles.
Daily Process
Analyze the primary source about today’s topic and log your
ideas (Do Now)
Read the informational article and complete your notes
Create a quick Thinking Map comparing what Europeans
thought life was like and what it was really like
Write your new news article on what life was really like (Use
all the materials from the lesson to help you)
• Should be at least 1 paragraph of 5-8 sentences.