2014 American History Chapter 3 Study Guide

American History Chapter 3 Study Guide
Navigation Acts (what were they, why were they passed)
English Parliament
What colony gave England the most problems?
Glorious Revolution (what was it, what effect did it have on the colonies)
France (how did the England’s war with France effect the colonies)
Salutary Neglect
Cash Crop
Examples of Cash Crop
Life in the South vs. Life in the North
Women’s Rights
Why African Slaves?
Triangular Trade
Middle Passage
How did slavery differ between the N and S?
How did Africans form an African-American Culture?
Stono Rebellion
Other ways of protest for slaves
Economic differences between the N and S
Agricultural differences between the N and S
Major Cities in the N
Salem witchcraft
Ben Franklin
Great Awakening
Jonathon Edwards
How did both the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment effect the colonies?
Where did the French want to go? How did they get along with the Native Americans?
New France
Fort Duquesne
George Washington
How did the French and Indian War Start?
Edward Braddock
Why were the French successful? How did this effect the colonist?
William Pitt
James Wolfe? How were the British able to win?
Treaty of Paris 1763 (How did it divide the land)
What problems did the colonists have with the Native Americans?
Proclamation of 1763
Why was England mad at Massachusetts again?
Why were the colonists mad at troops within Massachusetts?
Sugar Act