Twentieth Century World History

Twentieth Century World History
Mr. Kalpich
1. Objective
Students will examine the major issues and
events of the Twentieth Century, with a special
emphasis on the Post-World War Two era.
2. Textbook
Students are responsible to maintain the
textbook in the condition as it was assigned. You
will be held liable for damages to the textbook.
3. Assignments and Graded Work
Assigned work is due on the date assigned
without exception. Graded work will be
customarily returned within a week. Items turned
in without a first and last name and / or
assignment name will lose five points.
4. Grades
Grades are posted online. All grades are
calculated using the total point method (Total
points earned divided by the total possible).
5. Extra Credit
Not offered.
6. Absences from School
Be sure to check the Daily Activity Binder when
you return. I adhere to the policy printed in the
Student Handbook. Check daily for
classroom information.
7. Absence from Class, but not from School
All work must be completed on time without
delay. Please give advance notice and then check
the Daily Activity Binder when you return.
8. Cheating, Copying, and Plagiarism
Cheating, copying, and plagiarism will result in
a zero score for the perpetrator and all involved.
Detention is customarily assigned.
9. Communication
Parents are encouraged to contact me via email
( or by telephone (724962-7861, x1084).
10. Seating
Seats are assigned by Mr. Kalpich. Unruly
students may be moved at any time.
11. Decorum
Kindness, courtesy, and respect are expected.
Expect reciprocity and punishment if you violate
the accepted standards of polite society.
12. Tardiness
A warning is issued when you are late three
times. Detention will follow for each subsequent
incidence. You are late if your entire body is not in
the room when the bell sounds.
13. Leaving the Room
Students should handle all personal business
before they reach my room. Do not expect to leave
during class time.
14. IEP Students
IEP students will be afforded all modifications
according to the IEP in conjunction with our
Special Education staff. See me if special assistance
is needed.
15. Extra Assistance and Make-Up Periods
I am available after school. See me in advance if
you need additional help.
16. Daily Requirements
You must have:
1. Any assigned materials.
2. A writing utensil.
3. A notebook or notebook paper.
4. A three-ring binder.
17. Homework
Regular reading, writing, and other assignments
can be expected. It is nearly impossible to pass
this class without completing homework
18. Success
There is no secret to success in this class or
throughout your life. Pay attention, do what is
expected, ask questions, be kind to others and you
will find that success is yours.