Center for International S tudies

Santander Universities Student Global Service Learning Grants

Winter Break/Spring Break/Summer - 2012

The Santander Universities Student Global Service Learning Grants are intended to provide Providence

College students with the financial assistance necessary to participate on the increasing and varied number of international service learning programs or projects and other alternative service engagement projects abroad.


Since these programs are generally non-academic in intent and design, the Santander Grants are intended for global service engagement projects during the winter break between semesters, Spring

Break, or during the summer months.

Individual or joint (group) applications will be considered

Grant awards may be up to $2500 for individual proposals and $4000 for joint proposals

Grant recipients agree to submit a final written report on their experience and do a campus presentation on their experience in the semester following participation on the program or project

Preference will be given to students whose permanent residence is a state in which Sovereign

Bank has branch offices (Sovereign Bank is a US subsidiary of Banco Santander):

Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut New Hampshire

New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Maryland

New York


Quality of the proposed project

Evidence of knowledge of and commitment to the relevant social issues of the program’s mission


Grant recipients must submit receipts and invoices for expenses related to the program or project.


For Winter Break 2012 or Spring Break 2012 Projects: DUE October 21

For Summer 2012 Projects: DUE March 30, 2012

Submit application by email attachment to

Only complete applications will be reviewed by the Santander Student Global Service Learning Grant

Selection Committee.

0ne Cunningham Square • Harkins Hall 215 • Providence, Rhode Island 02918-0001

Tel: 401.865.2114 • Fax: 401.865.2455 • Email:

Application - Santander Universities Student Global Service Learning Grants

Winter Break/Spring Break/Summer 2012

PART I - Applicant Information

(Please include additional pages if needed) (For joint applications, each individual must submit an application)

Applicant Name: _______________________________ Friar E-mail: ______________________

Banner ID: ____________________________________ TEL:______________________________

Campus or Local Address: _________________________________________________________

Permanent Address – City & State: _________________________________________________

Class Year: _________________________ Major: _____________________________________

PART II – Program or Organization

Name and location of the program or organization with which you plan to do this service-learning project:

Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________


Web Link: ________________________________________________

PART III – Program or Organization Information:

Provide an attached statement on the overview of the project organization, the mission, and a description of the work they do.

PART IV – Proposal Statement (please be sure to address each listed item ):


Submit an attached statement that describes: a.

the service-learning project you intend to participate on, b.

the issue(s) it intends to address, c.

why the issue is important, d.

the desired learning and service outcomes of your project, and e.

what background resources will you use to prepare and inform yourself about the host country and culture, the local population and relevant social issues


Describe any past or current experience in your life that makes you able to accomplish the goals of your project, including academic, professional, or community activities.


Describe how this experience fits in with your academic, service or career goals.

PART V - Budget Outline (1-2 pages)

Submit an itemized budget (this can be an estimated budget if full or known costs are not available). Include explanation for each budget expense item. Indicate other funding sources you have secured or expect to have to complete the project, if any.

PART VI - Verification

I certify that information submitted for this grant award is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Applicant Signature(s): _____________________________________ Date: __________