Dr. Kimberly Barnett Gibson

Dr. Kimberly Barnett Gibson is a verbal and visual communicator who is committed to
building systems and promoting policies that create a space in which all beings are encouraged
to live lives of physical, mental, and spiritual abundance. Her primary professional interest is in
discovering, understanding, and teaching non-oppositional methods of social change rooted in
the intentional use of art, ritual, and social media.
She holds a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from The Ohio State University, a BA and MA in
Interpersonal and Public Communication from Bowling Green State University, and has worked
as a faculty member and administrator in higher education for the past 25 years. She has been
the Director of the Center for Women in Church and Society since August 2011 and has worked
for the University since May 2002. Currently, she serves on the advisory board for Bihl Haus
Arts, on the Education and Leadership Committee of the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of
Commerce, and on the Board of Directors for Merced Housing, and on the Board of Trustees for
Providence Catholic School. She has served as a communication consultant for The Ohio State
University Graduate School, the Congregation of Divine Providence, and numerous non-profit
organizations. She has extensive event planning, social media management, and group
facilitation experience. She is an Associate of the Congregation of Divine Providence, and in her
free time she most often can be found behind a digital camera, gardening, or soaking in the art at
one of her favorite museums.