Providence College Instruction Sheet for Position Description

Providence College
Instruction Sheet for Position Description
An accurate, current description of each job at Providence College is important for many
Human Resource functions. Complete job information plays an important role in planning,
recruiting, career development, training, compensation, and performance appraisal. This
Position Description Questionnaire has been designed to capture all job content information in
a single document.
Enter all position-specific data, using the current position title.
Position Profile: This is a brief statement, not more than one or two sentences,
which indicates the reason the position exists.
For Example:
Admission Counselor - This position is responsible for attracting highly
qualified and well rounded applicants to Providence College and to assess
their qualifications through the interview and application process. Present
a positive image of the College in order to further the academic quality and
reputation of the College.
Executive Director Residence Life - The purpose of this position is to
ensure the creation of a residential atmosphere which is conducive to
study, personal and social development, and community life in the
residence halls.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities: List up to six primary duties and
responsibilities and the approximate percentage of time spent on each. Do not
list any responsibilities that require 5% or less to perform. The objective is to
get a clear picture of the most important, essential functions of the job, the
things that require most of the time to do. The statements should clearly
communicate the nature and scope of responsibilities. It is important to be
thorough and accurate. Be clear about what responsibility the person has in the
task. Be careful about describing jobs with general terms like Aassists@ in doing
a task or Aparticipates@ in a task.
It is helpful to think of the statement in three (3) parts:
Action Word + End Result + Activity
For Example:
Primary Duties and Responsibilities for Admission Counselor:
Attract highly qualified student applicants to Providence College by
(End Result)
representing the College at high school fairs and providing information
on all aspects of the College.
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Other examples of Action Words include the following:
Position Requirements: Indicate the minimum educational qualifications
required, gained by formal schooling, self-study, or related methods. Decide
what skills the employee needs, both technical and personal, to do the job well.
Give a description of relevant experience necessary and indicate the amount (#
of years) required.
For Example:
Benefits Manager - Advanced knowledge of employee benefit programs as
would normally be obtained through the attainment of a Bachelors Degree
in a business or human resource field and five years of exposure to a wide
variety of benefit programs and practices.
Financial Analyst - Advanced knowledge of financial and accounting
theory, principles and practices as would normally be obtained
through a Bachelors Degree in a financially related field, or
equivalent experience. Three years of broad financial experience or
an MBA and two years= experience.
Additional Information: If there is any additional information that would be
important to fully understanding the role, responsibilities, nature and scope of
this position, please describe clearly and as concisely as possible.