Bank Presentation

Supporting Manufacturing
in the South West
Director, Asset Finance, South West
Corporate and Commercial Banking
Supporting Manufacturing
in the South West
Committed to maintaining the
agreed pricing on your
overdraft facility for a minimum
of two years
Preferential rates and risk
appetite on asset and trade
finance facilities
Preferential terms and rates
available on Invoice Finance
Increased availability of
finance through the
Government’s Enterprise
Finance Guarantee (EFG)
Preferential solutions
to help manage
cashflow, purchase
essential equipment,
invest for growth and
mitigate financial risk
Supporting Manufacturing
in the South West
A growing reputation and reach
 Over 100 million customers and over 186,000 employees in over 40 markets
 Over 14,000 branches worldwide – more than any other international bank
 The bank with the world's largest shareholder base – over 3.2 million – paying
strong cash dividends, despite the difficult economic climate
 Santander is the world’s number 4 financial brand according to Brand
Finance*, and number 23 on the Forbes Global 2000 Leading Companies list
 Banco Santander is one of the top twenty world’s biggest banks and top fifty
world’s safest banks**
Source: Santander 2012 Annual Report
*Brand Finance, 2012
**Global Finance World’s 50 Safest Banks and World’s
50 Biggest Banks, 2012
Supporting Manufacturing
in the South West
A steadfast British banking partner
Customer base and distribution network
 15 million active customers
 1,187 branches (including agencies)
 36 regional Corporate Business Centres
 Circa 24,000 employees in the UK on a group basis
 12.8% market share in mortgages
9.3% market share in bank accounts
9.3% market share in deposits
Source: Santander UK plc Quarterly Management Statement, 31.03.2013
Supporting Manufacturing
in the South West
Corporate relationship banking on your doorstep
“ We are committed to putting relationship management at the heart of our business and believe that this can
“ only be achieved by being closer to our customers. That’s why we have structured our teams along
regional lines working with growing businesses and established enterprises in your area.
Julian Alexander, Regional Director, South West
Regional office locations
1st Floor
Alliance House
12 Baldwin Street
Tel: 01179 060 890
The Senate
Tel: 01392 267222
Supporting Manufacturing
in the South West
Committed to supporting local businesses
A team of 20 banking
professionals, combining expert
relationship management, local
market knowledge and financial
213 new banking relationships
started with businesses in the
region in 2012
£194 million of new funding
provided to local businesses in
2012 and a year on year lending
increase of 22%
Providing access to a diverse range
of funding solutions, and putting our
innovative £200 million Growth
Capital Fund into action in the
South West
Lending and new customer information correct as of January 2013
Staff figures correct as of February 2013
Supporting Manufacturing
in the South West
Jo Honess, Eleanor Smith, Peter Abel and
Chris Mears from the South West team
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