AP Macroeconomics - Saint Joseph High School

Short Response questions:
What do you KNOW about the
current economy?
What do you WANT to know
about the current economy?
Chapter 1 , Scarity, Choice and
Opportunity Cost
 Preparation for each class period is expected. This includes having
assignments and books with you in class.
 Reading IS homework. Daily reading is expected
 Critical Thinking is expected and required.
Learning is YOUR responsibility. Engage in the class.
Use of course study guide and online resources is expected.
AP Macro is a college level economics course and it is expected you
•Reading assignments will be evaluated through quizzes and/or
daily short answer questions
•Homework is assigned for your practice and understanding of the
concepts NOT to for credit points.
•Tests and quizzes
•Binder Check -- 10 points
•Special assignments
•Performance tasks
•Generally there is NO EXTRA CREDIT.
You are preparing a study guide for the AP Test :
#3-ring Binder– 2 inch or larger
Suggestions for organization:
 Organizational Topic Tabs
 3-hole punch
 Sheet protectors for unit outlines etc.
You will be determining your OWN organizational method. Your
binder MUST be organized. The HOW is up to you. Devise a
plan. Your plan must be evident.
I will ask to see the binder and I will give 10 credit points for the
completeness and usability of your binder.
NOTE: I will ask you to find a topic, concept, example in order to
determine whether your binder is user-friendly/organized.
Three ring binder for research
You will be researching and reading about the current
You will be expected to read the speeches of the Fed
Presidents, Governors and the Chairman of the Federal
Reserve. It can be helpful to print some of these speeches
for further reference.
Research should be organized within the the binder.
Quarter points will be given for the quality and
organization of your research.
Links to articles will be posted on the Saint Joe AP
Macroeconomics FB page.
Textbook: Krugman Wells
Federal Reserve Board of Governors:
Chicago Federal Reserve