Welcome to Social Studies 8!

Welcome to Social Studies 8!
September 24, 2015
Ms. Sgroi
The following units will be covered in Social Studies 8
during the school year:
• Civil War/Reconstruction
• Industrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization
• Expansion and Industrialization
• WWI and Roaring Twenties
• Great Depression
• World War II
• Foreign Policy
• Demographic Change
• Domestic Policies and Reform
Major Assessments
• Midterm Exam: Week of January 25, 2016
• Final Exam: June 2016
Classroom Expectations
• Follow directions the first time they are given.
• Bring all required materials to class and be prepared to
use materials when class begins.
• Complete all assignments by the due date.
• Mutual respect between students, peers, and the teacher.
• Homework will be given on a regular basis for Social Studies.
Examples: writing assignment, summary worksheet, Current
Events, studying for quizzes or tests, etc.
• If your child hands in the homework ON TIME they are eligible
for an 10/10 for that assignment. Late work is given half credit
based on quality of the work.
• Please check my website for updated information on upcoming
projects, homework assignments, and tests.
• Please check the grade portal to view the status of your child’s
The following aspects of student performance are used to
determine grades in Social Studies 8:
• Tests/Quizzes (70%)
• Homework/Classwork (20%)
• Participation (10%)
Let’s Work Together for a Successful
• Students are better equipped for success when there is
an open and constructive dialogue between the teacher,
the parent, and the school.
• Working together, I know that your child will have a
successful year in my classroom and in the eighth grade.
• During the year, please contact me with questions,
comments or concerns at 516-434-3308 or
[email protected]
• Visit my website at
http://www.pobschools.org/Domain/642 for updates on inclass activities, assessments, and homework