The Giver

The Giver
Chapter 24
After reading all 23 chapters of The Giver, you are left with an ambiguous ending… great for
reflection and discussion, but not so great for reading satisfaction. Do Jonas and Gabriel
make it to the outside world? Or do they freeze to death on the way? What will happen next?
YOU get to decide.
Assignment: Pick up where Lois Lowery left off. Write one final chapter for The Giver
answering questions you may have about what happens to Jonas, Gabriel, and the other
Community members after Jonas’ escape.
This final chapter must
~ be 1-3 typed pages. It should be a size 12, New Times Roman font, doublespaced.
~ be written as a continuation of The Giver. Be sure to pick up where
Lowery left off. You may not change things that already happened in the book, and
there must be a logical flow to the story.
~ be original and creative. Make this ending your own! Try to think beyond the
obvious... and don’t do that lazy “it was all a dream” thing.
~ Do your best work! Remember that spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph
structure, word choice, and all that other good English stuff counts, so keep that in
This assignment is due on ________________________.
Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!