The Giver - Moore Public Schools

The Giver
Bellwork- Week 3
Monday, April 6th
Write a quick response to the following quote. Do
you agree with it? Why or why not?
“…It is better to be happy for a moment… than to
live a long time and be bored all the while.”
1. As you read today, look for three more
vocabulary words to add to our list. Our current
words are: apprehension, transgression,
W hat is love?: When Jonas asks his parents if they love
him, they tell him that it’s inappropriate to use a word like
“love,” that
the word is “so meaningless that it’s become almost
Think of someone you love, write about some ways that
you could express your feelings for them.
What is the most significant scene from your
reading of The Giver so far? Why? Write at least
three sentence discussing the scene.
The following people need to stay after class
because they are not working silently at their
seats. –
Cylea, Alison, Peyton, Hannah, -Wow, shhhhh!
You have work to do. I can give you more if I need
Words, words, words: Precision of
language is very important in Jonas’s world. His
best friend, Asher, has gotten into trouble for
repeatedly mixing up words, using distraught for
distracted, boyishness for buoyancy, smack for
snack, and expertness for expertise.
Make a list of pairs of words that might
easily be confused.
Friday, September 12
What makes life worth living?