The Giver: Utopian Community Project

The Giver: Utopian Community Project
Within your group you must decide on and create the “perfect” utopian community. You
will design the community and generate the “rules” to live by. In the novel The Giver,
Jonas the main character lives in a utopia where the world around him functions only one
way for everyone and it is said to be the best way. According to a utopia is
defined as an ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.
This place would be so perfect that others would want to join your community and never
The five categories have been set, but that does not mean that you can not add to them.
Under each category you must supply enough information to inform others of your
community and entice them to join. Remember persuasive techniques will be especially
useful here. Each category included (and any additional categories) must be typed and 2
- 3 paragraphs in length.
What will be taught and what subjects will be required?
How will education serve the community?
What special features will be offered?
Who makes the laws and how are they enforced? Are there laws?
Democracy, dictatorship?
Breaking the law?
Number of children?
Household standards and standards of living?
Matriarchy or Patriarchy or neither?
Whose job is it to protect?
Will it be in danger or is it a major resource?
Community “Rules”
Guidelines to live by?
Who is in charge?
What types of rituals or specific ways of living will be forced upon,
reinforced or celebrated in your society?
Other possible categories: Employment, Money, Responsibilities, Transportation, and
When creating your flag be creative and unique. The “perfect” society would only expect